about us:


mb art studios (mary and cory) is a small, family run business that believes in the beauty of handmade and keeping it simple. we have been making goods since 2010.  

our work is influenced by our love for aesthetics, simplicity and words that are carefully chosen with the hope of opening the heart and awakening others to their inner life.  our work is also greatly influenced by nature, as well as the scandinavian design of mary’s great-grandfather's swedish homeland. we love patterns, black & white, color, wood, textiles and imperfections.

all of our screen-printed designs are created by hand and printed onto clay. we love to experiment with these two mediums. 

our love for what we do continues to packing each order with care and beauty in mind. 

we offer simple daily reminders.  we all need a little help with remembering self compassion, to be present and to lead with love. we hope you find something that moves you.

about the artists:

i never really expected to find myself on this path of being an artist and having a desire to create. for more than 15 years, i was in a cubicle, living a corporate life that was very uninspired. what woke me up was having a child who didn't fit into the average "box" and didn’t start talking until he was almost 4. i knew that something had to give. He helped open up my eyes to a whole new world. 

my ceramic line was born out of a desire to bring balance into my life. the experience with my son took me on a path that i had no idea would unfold. i enrolled him in a waldorf preschool and began dabbling with watercolors and needle felting. the next thing i knew, i was creating with clay and firing up the old kiln that my mother-in-law gave me. i was hooked and my world opened up to the beauty of art. 

after many years of experimenting and creating beautiful wares with my own hands, my husband, cory, joined me in the studio.

after working in the construction field for 20+ years as a tile and granite contractor, my body had had enough wear and tear and i decided to collaborate with my wife in her creative adventure. leaving the stressful construction environment and spending more time with my family has been a welcomed change in my life. 

while my wife creates most of the screen printed designs and chooses the words used on each piece, i bring the patience and determination to improve how we make each piece. whether it be prepping the clay, mixing up our own glazes, or making the plaster molds used to hand build our porcelain dinnerware, i enjoy the creative challenges of working with clay. 

together, we hand make each piece in our home studio in reno, nevada.

message us with any questions via the contact form below or email at mary@mbartstudios.com.

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